Blue Bells English High School provides all the students with a well balanced, carefully structured and affordable education to develop to the fullest potential, as every child is born with a message for the society, where education can help the child to be a winner not only in examination, but also in life to face the necessary challenges of the century.


To create educated, socially conscious and dedicated citizens. To produce fair minded leaders of distinction and dignity, who are committed to life long learning, and serving the society to build a stronger and united India


1.The school cherishes creative assimilation of human values.
2.Be fair minded and principled.
3.Encouraged to face situation and take responsibility for ones's action.
4.Secure public Trust.

About Us!

Blue Bells English High High School is located in Mango, Jamshedpur. It is a co-education English medium institution affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education,New Delhi,(CBSE). It was started in the year 1981 to meet the educational needs of the growing city. The school belongs to Shanti Devi Jan Kalyan Samity which has been registered under the Registration of Society Act 1960. An Executive Committee with the representation from the Shanti Devi Jan Kalyan Samity, parents and educationists run the School. The curriculum of the School aims at the all round development of young girls and boys. All opportunities are given to the students to excell in academics, sports and cultural fields. We are confident that our students will bring credit to themselves by spreading the light of knowledge which we kindle in their hearts.


Education is the most important learning in a man’s life. An educated man is never a failure. He has the confidence and the courage to experiment and excel in life. He is self-motivated as he is learned and he is never threatened by challenges. Education enables you to aim for stars and create success stories. It is not always academics that define knowledge but development of your being is equally important. An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life.

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Creating a new school has been an exciting and challenging experience and to participate in its development our the past years a pleasure. The school leadership, teaching faculty, the administrative and support staff have together put in their sincere effort to realise our dreams about the Nobel institution. I thank the parent community for their unwavering confidence in us.

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Good Friday Holiday

Good Friday Holiday 19.04.2019 (Friday)

Cyclonic Storm Fani Holiday

School will remain closed on 3rd May & 4th May 2019 on account of Cyclonic Storm FANI.

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation begins from 08/05/2019 to 15/06/2019

Admissions Std.XI (2019 -20)

Admissions on in Std.XI - Science/Commerce/Arts. School Office will remain open till the 20th May 2019. It will re-open on 10th June 2019 (Monday).

Attention Alumni

The Ex students of Blue Bells English High School are requested to be in touch with the school through the website.

Id-Ul-Zuha Holiday

Id-Ul-Zuha Holiday 12.08.2019 (Monday)

Janmashtami Holiday

Janmashtami Holiday 24.08.2019 (Saturday)

Muharram Holiday

Muharram Holiday 10.09.2019 (Tuesday)

Vishwakarma Puja Holiday

Vishwakarma Puja holiday 17.09.2019 (Tuesday).

Gandhi Jayanti Holiday

Gandhi Jayanti Holiday 02.10.2019 (Wednesday)

Diwali Holiday

Diwali Holiday 27.10.2019 to 29.10.2019

Winter Vacation

Winter Vacation begins from 25.12.2019 to 05.01.2020

Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti holiday 15.01.2020 (Wednesday)

Shivratri Holiday

Shivratri Holiday 21.02.2020 (Friday)

Eid ul Fitr Holiday

Eid ul Fitr Holiday 25.05.2020 (Monday)

Id ul Zuha Holiday

Id ul Zuha Holiday 01.08.2020 (Saturday)

Raksha Bandhan Holiday

Raksha Bandhan Holiday 03.08.2020 (Monday)

Durga Puja Holiday

Durga Puja Holiday 23.10.2020 to 26.10.2020

Diwali Holiday

Diwali Holiday 14.11.2020 & 15.11.2020

Chhath Puja Holiday

Chhath Puja Holiday 20.11.2020 & 21.11.2020

Guru Nanak Jayanti Holiday

Guru Nanak Jayanti Holiday 30.11.2020 (Monday)

Christmas Holiday

Christmas Holiday 25.12.2020 (Friday)

Makar Sankranti Holiday

Makar Sankranti Holiday 14.01.2021 (Thursday)

Good Friday Holiday

Good Friday Holiday 02.04.2021 (Friday)

Dr. BR Ambedkar Jayanti

Dr. BR Ambedkar Jayanti Holiday 14.04.2021 (Tuesday)

Id-Ul-Zuha Holiday

Id-Ul-Zuha Holiday 21.07.2021 (Wednesday)

Muharram Holiday

Muharram Holiday 20.08.2021 (Friday)